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Wedding Couple ~ Hey Bella Mae
Wedding Flowers ~ Hey Bella Mae


There is nothing quite like reliving that forever feeling in motion. Weddings are a once in a lifetime event, and so having that documented through moving image is not only special, it is important. Something you can watch time and time again and re-experience the whirlwind of emotions and love ~ something to be cherished for a lifetime. For you. Your family and friends. For your children, and their children.  


On your wedding day, I take a very unobtrusive approach, where I am mostly a fly on the wall. I like to capture moments as they organically unfold, and very rarely do I ask you to re-do anything or act anything out. I love this documentary approach as I feel like there’s less pressure to be anything on the day, other than your wonderful self (nerves and all!). 


Not long after your day you’ll receive around 4-5 song choices from me, and you’ll select the one you like best. After I have gone through the footage I’ll pick songs that suit you as a couple, and your wedding day, best. These songs are sourced from a licensed database so I’m then able to upload your film to the web and you’ll be able to share it easily with friends and family using a sharing link. 


I take a lot of time and care to handcraft your highlight film in a nostalgic, romantic and slightly quirky way. Check out my portfolio to see my style. You‘ll have a highlight film created ~ all the best bits of your magical day ~ and there are options to add on extra bits such as a short teaser film, and a documentary edit of your vows and speeches (where you’ll hear all the audio along with the footage). The final product/s can take up to 6-8 weeks, depending on how busy the wedding season is. 


Get in touch if you think my style and approach is what you’re after. I’d be so honoured to capture your wedding day! 

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