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Portrait photography ~ Hey Bella Mae
Family Photoshoot ~ Hey Bella Mae
Maternity Photoshoot ~ Hey Bella Mae


I have over a decade experience in capturing portraits, including: 

  • Personal branding 

  • Headshots 

  • Small businesses 

  • Creative shoots

  • Model portfolios

  • Womanhood / nude shoots

  • Families 

  • Couples and engagements

  • Newborn and babies

  • Maternity 

  • Motherhood


No matter what I’m capturing I really enjoy working with you to bring an idea to life; to create images that make you feel; images that have meaning; and to transport you right back to that moment, all while bringing a lot of creative juice to the table. 


I am very much inspired by natural light. The way it hits objects, nature and people at certain times of the day. I am inspired by movement, the way light dances and evokes a mood, for example. And I’m inspired by connection. Connection to those you’re shooting with, with yourself, and with the camera (me). 


Portraits are my favourite thing to shoot and most likely because I’m a people person. When we’re shooting together, I really enjoy getting to know you a little, to ensure there is a comfortability when you’re in front of my lens. If you’re a little more reserved I take the time to make you feel safe and at ease. When you’re genuinely comfortable and relaxed with your photographer that’s when the images are most special: when I’m able to capture your true authentic unapologetic self. 


We typically shoot for around an hour (depending on what your requirements are). If we’re shooting outdoor, I highly recommend we shoot at either sunset or sunrise, for the best light. And if we’re shooting indoor, a daytime shoot would be ideal. I have lots of location ideas, so we can chat about this together, as well as wardrobe choices.


I also offer studio sessions (in both, natural and artificial light), so get in touch if you'd like a studio session!

Within 2-3 weeks after our shoot, you’ll receive a gallery link to all your images, and from there you’ll select your top 15, which I’ll then send in high resolution. There’ll be an option to upgrade your package and purchase all the edited images if you wish, but this base package is $550.


I like to consider my style as warm in tone, vibrant, emotive, and timeless. Please take a look at my portfolio and if you feel like we can create something magical together, simply send me an email. 

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